Coming to Älmhult year 2000 and stepping into IKEA of SWEDEN, the heart of the Design & Product Developent was one of the most thrilling experiences in my life! For a furniture designer/maker this was HEAVEN! Not only where there fully equipt wooden, metal and textile patternshops they also had there own super skilled technicians and a bunch of plastic Machines working 24/7 spitting out prototypes like cutlery, chairs and you name it!

This house, in the middle of nowhere, was BOILING with super excited and freindly people, all sharing the same and true passion for the "Life at home" and to solve and provide smart solutions throughout the home.

But first, in my early 20´s Istudied both Law and Art history at the University of Lund. I discovered I had a need for creating stuff and working with my hands and not only to read about the history of art and people! What to do with that??? I decided to be a fully trained furniture maker!!! Wood became my passion for the following 4 years at STENEBYSKOLAN! Here I gained deep knowledge and understanding about wood, furniture making, machinery and processing. This knowledge has been priceless for me through out the years and not to speak about when travelling in China, India, Thailand and Poland working with our suppliers direct on the factory floor!!! 2002 my final exam at the Masters level was observed by Lars Engman, at that time IKEA´s Design Manager. He offered me a scholarship in Älmhult and since then I NEVER wanted to leave that building!!!


IKEA of Sweden - Inhouse Designer 2005-2011

Ebba Strandmark Design 2011-


MFA - Master of Fine Arts in Interior Design/Furniture Design

BFA - Bachelor of Fine Arts in Furniture Design/Making


Nyhamnsläge, SWEDEN